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can be no harm in efforts to give this concrete
expression.   He believes the dissociation of the
British Empire may inaugurate this great syn-
thesis.   At the same time there are factors making
for some closer association of the United States
of America  with  what   are   called   the   Oslo
powers.    There is no reason why one of these
associations  should  stand  in  the  way  of the
other.    Some countries  such  as  Canada rest
already   under   what  is   practically   a   double
guarantee ;   she has the security of the Monroe
Doctrine and the protection of the British fleet.
A Germany of eighty million people which has
been brought to acquiesce in the Declaration of
the Rights of Man and which is already highly
collectivised, may come much earlier to a com-
pletely liberal socialist regime than Great Britain
or France.    If she participates in a consortium
for  the  development  of what  are   called   the
politically backward regions of the world, she may
no longer be disposed for further military adven-
tures and further stress and misery.    She may
enter  upon  a  phase  of social  and  economic
recovery so rapid as to stimulate and react upon
ever other country in the world.    It is not for
other countries to dictate her internal politics,
and if the German people want to remain united
as one people, in federated states  or in  one